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By John K. Grande


Print on Sand in the Coast of Persian Gulf Works By Ahmad Nadalian


Works in USA


New works by Nadalian in “Verdearte” 2006:  Italy


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Freed Fish


Nadalian in Green Museum

By carving simple fish shapes and other forms onto small stones and river rocks, artist Ahmad Nadalian seeks to repopulate the spirit of neglected streams and rivers in his native Iran and around the world and share these treasures with future generations.  more


Utne Magazine May-June 2006  USA

Ahmad Nadalian

A human who loves stones and water, Ahmad Nadalian moves like a fish transgressing international borders.   More


About Ahmad Nadalian

By Professor  Robert C. Morgan

"I was so impressed with your concept, working at low tide in the early mornings to carve signs that during the day would be concealed.  It calls into question so much about time, history, language, meaning, and sculpture." More


About Ahmad Nadalian

By : Edward Lucie-Smith

In Iran, Ahmad Nadalian (b.1963) is in the process of creating an immense River Art installation along the banks and amidst the waters of the Haraz River, near Mount DamavendMore


Art Tomorrow


Works by Nadalian in USA


Collaboration with Children


Works in Paris


Works In Arangeh


L'Eau Partagee: Work in South of France )


Hidden Treasures: An Art Exhibition for next Millenniums  Persian


Travel to France : Exhibition & Works by Nadalian in Ramatuelle- Golfe de Saint Tropez in France  (From Escalet to Pampelonne)


Works In Italy







Ahmad Nadalian’s works are mainly symbolic. His sketches, paintings, carvings and rock structures focus on themes of fertility and creation.    His carvings are similar to his drawings and paintings.   The main focus of his work is man. To him man is not a material object. The humans portrayed in his works are celestial creatures, angels personified. Impassioned and light-footed, they cavort in space.

He said:

The creation of man and the universe have been illustrated in many ancient myths and religions. Beliefs concerning the beginnings of existence, creation and life portray the birth of man as an astonishing phenomenon. In the ancient world a mother was considered a creator, and worshipped as a goddess. The formation, growth and life of a child in the mother’s womb were equal to the start of universal creation. Love is the source of creation and its continuance is rooted in love. A mother is the foundation of love and fertility. She is both lover and beloved.

Many artists of the past, as well as those of contemporary times have focused on the subject of death and the afterlife. Many artists have attempted to portray lifeless objects.  But most of my painting have a human theme, and portray aspects of human life. Creation and fertility are subjects I have been following in my paintings and carvings for many years now. We have all experienced life before birth, and the initial stages that it precedes. Life before birth is a spiritual world of sorts. Do you recall anything of that life?