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On 14 Nov 2002   Edward Lucie-Smith in a  lecture at the British Museum  said: "works by Nadalian  being the most advanced of its kind, especially the way in which you use the internet".



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Hidden Treasures

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L'Eau Partagee: Work in South of France )


Hidden Treasures: An Art Exhibition for next Millenniums  Persian


L'Eau Partagee: Work in South of France )

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Travel to France : Exhibition & Works by Nadalian in Ramatuelle- Golfe de Saint Tropez in France  (From Escalet to Pampelonne)

Thirsty Bird:  Environmental Installation in Isfahan

In autumn 2004 Nadalian traveled to Isfahan and participated in Mehr Festival. There he produced an environmental installation.  This work show seven birds beside hollow of water.  This work can be interpreted in its religious , mystical and environmental context.  The bird can be spirit and water is a symbol for wisdom and purification.




This work by Nadalian was broken in October 2006











As a part of Mehr festival Nadalian started a new project.  This time he carved  many feet traces.