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"A website is not only a place to introduce an art work, but a contemporary way of conveying  ideas and art."   Nadalian†††

Nuclear energy

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Nuclear energy



Sinless People


In a world in which information is boundless, we are able to publish our works digitally and make them accessible to every one regardless of their physical location.

"A website is not only a place to introduce an art work, but a contemporary way of conveying  ideas and art."   Nadalian   


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"Personally, I believe that the Internet has changed the art and culture of many societies and will soon permeate every aspect of life. A simple explanation could be that the Internet is a window to the world through which we can see and be seen." A.  Nadalian 

Experimental Workshop of New Art By Dr A. Nadalian

Project of . A. Nadalian has been awarded a Netdays Europe 2002 label. Netdays Europe is an initiative of the European Commission. It's objective is to raise awareness of the use of new technologies in the areas of education and culture and to encourage the creation of projects which demonstrate excellent pedagogical content.  Netdays labels are only awarded to good quality projects. In recognition of this, the European Commission is delighted to award project of Dr. Nadalian with a Netdays label.


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WWWebArt.Com displays the works of contemporary artist,  Ahmd Nadalian.  Nadalian presents his works via new media, and utilizes the capabilities of the digital age, such as the Internet. A number of websites, such as  www.riverart.net , www.nadalian.com  and www.wwwebart.com  are dedicated to introducing his works.  He believes that a website is not only a place to introduce his work, but a contemporary way of conveying his ideas and art. 

His work covers a variety of techniques: online art,  interactive art,  web animation ,  web installation and  web performances. He has also presented his concepts in environmental art, ritual performances , body art, videos , animations and  multimedia arts. 




About Nadalian

Artist, art critic, professor (Faculty of Fine Arts); Ahmad Nadalian is one of the most fascinating figures in contemporary art.

His carving on rocks can be seen in many countries such as France, Spain,  Italy, Germany, France, USA, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh and his homeland Iran.  His River Art project , which include, carved rocks, water installations, video installation and multimedia and web art have been exhibited in many countries, such as Japan, The United Kingdom Finland, USA, and France, ...

He has been introduced as one of the world's leading environmental artists by Edward Lucie Smith in his recent book Art Tomorrow.

He was also chosen for the book "The most exciting Contemporary Artists (a work of 7 years and much travels in the world) by Gottfried Junker.

He leaped to fame, after representing his River Art project in the 50th Biennale of Venice. The fundamental concern of this artist is the search for harmony with nature, with ourselves, and the universe which surrounds us.

The work of Nadalian draws on a wide range of symbols from those belonging to ancient  mythology and the rituals of different civilizations to those that belong to the contemporary languages that emerge from the use of new technologies.

His concepts, are therefore expressed through a variety of media, including rock carvings, environmental art installations, ritual art performances, figurative paintings reminiscent of ancient drawings, video art installations, web art works and interactive pieces which require the participation of the public.




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