Index of Works by Ahmad Nadalian

Here you can see the directory of works by Ahmad Nadalian.  The range and versatility of works by this artist are only suggested by the galleries below.



Pleasure of New life and Freed Fish



More Freed Fish



Pleasure of New life



Playing With Water:  Journeys Across Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Turkey



Jumping Frogs



Journey Across Russia: Swimming Against the Tides



L'Eau Partagee: Work in South of France )


Works by Nadalian in USA


As a ritual, I have dropped my carved stones into rivers, canals, reservoirs and seas.  

Freed Fish in Africa


Reaction to ignoring historic site



Free fish in Serbia


Works in Bangladesh




Works in Tajikistan




Works in Italy  Venice



Works in Paris




Works by Nadalian in Bangladesh




Journey Across Russia: Swimming Against the Tides

The day of Photographers



Works in China



Cosmological Order











Earth, Sea, Sun, And Sky
Art in Nature

Barbara Stieff





About Ahmad Nadalian


Art Tomorrow


Nadalian @ Dialogues in Diversity  

By John K. Grande



In the Search of Lost Paradise

Ahmad Nadalian  . More  


The Death of Fish:  The River No Longer Has any Fish 


Utne Magazine May-June 2006  USA

Ahmad Nadalian

A human who loves stones and water, Ahmad Nadalian moves like a fish transgressing international borders. Nadalian  has traveled widely, leaving graphic messages on all continents but Antarctica in the form of etched stones ...



Art in the Landscape
Marked in Stone and Sand

An Iranian sculptor brings his art to the river, beachesand parks.

By Robert C. Morgan



The Inner Journeys and Visions

Note By Sibyll  Kalff




A Comment by American artist Abigail Doan




Report: Environmental Art Festival on the Persian Gulf



Art of Nadalian: I enjoy with this little fish...

Herman Prigann



Environmental Art in the Internet

Abstraction of form and content in the case of Ahmad Nadalian



Nadalian: River Art

An interview by John K. GRANDE





Artist/Naturalist- Ahmad Nadalian
John Caddy



This is a Good Way to Look Nature in the Future
To Ahmad Nadalian

Martin Bauer


Dialogue with contemporary Artists and History




Ahmad Nadalian: Mediator of the Earth




A Comment by American artist Abigail Doan




Work by Ahmad Nadalian @ Environmental Art Calender 2009 in USA










Tempered People : Iron- Sculptures by Ahmad Nadalian



Painted Earth Goddesses: Some Thousands Years Continuation of Tradition





Salt Sculptures: Collaboration of animals to realize art










Sand Prints



Sand Prints





Print of Goddess


Print in the Coast of Pesian Gulf



  Bicycle Art & Recycle ArtI used my bicycle and  realized my new environmental art project.  The tire of the bicycle bears an imprint of the phrase "Dream of Peace in the Persian Gulf" and anybody who rides the bicycle will cause the phrase to be engraved in the sands.       


Transformation of ugliness to beauty



Sand Print in Shahdad Desert


Deer feet



Prints in Genaveh: (March 2009)

New Print on Sand in the Coast of Persian Gulf



Installation of cylinder and Sand Print




Prints on Earth


Print on Sand in Maranjab Desert



Sand Print in Africa


Sand Print in Desert








Earth Paintings




Paintings by Red Earth


For me symbolism of snake and its contradictory interpretations in different cultures is very interesting. 


Earth Painting in Noshahr


Black & White People



Earth Painting in Hormoz



Painted Body



seduce of Mother god



Adam & Eve


Designs on Portraiture by Red Earth


Red earth surrounded my soul



Earth Painting In Persian Gulf Art Center



Seduced Couple



Archetypal story: Earth painting



Earth Paintings - Hormoz Island March 2009


Designs on Portraiture by Red Earth



More: Painting on fabric by colored Earth


Painting by Red earth


 A gift of Persian Gulf from me to people and from people to tourists


Paintings by Coloured Earth



Drawing on Fragmented Potteries


Earth Artist &  Earth Painting
Works by Ahmad Nadalian


Drawing on Earth



Drawing on Earth


Design of fish-  Sea of Salt









Carved Rocks








Works In Italy



Works in Iran



Carved Stones in New York


Works  in Spain






Works by Nadalian in USA






Journey across South Africa: The Sprit of Rocks and Water


Works in Italy Lido




Travel to France : Exhibition & Works by Nadalian in Ramatuelle- Golfe de Saint Tropez in France  (From Escalet to Pampelonne)



Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in UK



Works in Rock Creek River- Washington DC






Carved Stones in Santa Fe (New Mexico)




New works by Nadalian in Verdearte 2006:  Italy


Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in Turkey



Works In Germany




Link with Prehistoric Art




New Carved Rocks in Hormoz Island (Persian Gulf)  March 2007



Stone Garden





Carved Stone in Hormoz



Adam & Eve in Sunrise



New Carved Rocks in Hormoz Island (Persian Gulf)  March 2007






Death Fish



The death of goddesses





Works by Ahmad Nadalian in Darabad - North Tehran


Works on Wali Asr St. Tehran


Works In Arangeh





Works in Bangladesh




Works by Nadalian in Uzbekistan







Carved Stones





Anahita: The Goddess of Fertility



Exhibition of works by Ahmad Nadalian










Hidden Treasures





Mythological Treasures or Contemporary Art



Red People - Kansas City Missouri




Holiness of Image Hidden Treasure in  Santa Fe (New Mexico)




Hidden Treasures: An Art Exhibition for next Millenniums 




Hidden Treasures in Iran




Hidden Treasures: An Art Exhibition for next Millenniums  Persian



"The Bird of Peace

Direct Dialogue of two Iranian and American artists for Peace

My Bird in Russia








Video, Multimedia and Web Art











Nuclear energy


Video in Web



Web Art




Search for life


Green People




New Borders










Online Haftsin



Video Installations









Installation & Performance






Installations & Performances



Ritual Art: to sanctify nature



Zar Ritual







No terror & No_war



What is their sin?



Unclaimed Language


A Journey to Khozestan, March 2010



Third World War: performance & Installation  by A. Nadalian at Epi Plage (Art Hotel) in France



Third World War Flash Version










Collaborative Projects



The International Center for Creation and exhibition of  Art in Nature



Paradise Residential Art Center in Hormoz Island




The Museum of Environmental Art








Peace in Persian Gulf





Mythological Bird: 20th Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Persian Gulf- Hormoz :  (February 2009)  


Works with Garbage




Collaboration with Children


Collaboration with Iranian Children

Our World:  The Vision of Children & My Petroglyphs




About Kaniz





Memory of Objects Recycling a doll




Paradise Residential Art Center in Hormoz Island




Painting by colored Earth




Environmental Installation and Music with Garbage




The Fall of Paradise: 19th Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Isfahan :  (October 2008)  


Paradise & Hell :18th Environmental Art Festival








Fire: 23ed Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Paradise Environmental Art Center




Home of Hassan: New residential Art Center




Second section: Persian Gulf Environmental Art Festival


Music of Bells




Polluted Paradise: The 28th Environmental Art Festival - Paradise Garden - Polour- Iran




Goddesses and Nanotechnology



The 27th Environmental Art Festival  -  Kotena,  Ghaemshahr - Mazandaran - North of Iran






Media & Films








The art of reycling: Ahmad Nadalian






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Early Works






Memories of War