Herman Prigann

On a sad note, first, we received notice that the remarkable artist Herman Prigann passed away from cancer on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008.  He will be greatly missed. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Art of Nadalian: I enjoy with this little fish...

Herman Prigann

Today after more than 30 years that the "Landart" was created by some artist in USA, we can see a broad and varied expansion of the basic idea - artist's works in the landscape - Now we have many names for this kind of activities alround the world. "Art in Nature" -"Eco Art" - "Reclamation Art" - "Landscapeart" - and many people used the name "Landart" for all of this different work's.

The position of Nadalian's work based of his understanding of symbolism in art - long basic tradition in art history - and his particular understanding of symbolism show very clear the influence of his own culture. Sure all his symbols he work with is easy to understand for Western-American people, because the religion of islam-christian-jewish very familiar in this case.

So what he is doing ? Like a big group of artist's today he works in the landscape. His "signes" of fish-human-plants we can find on many places in the world, mostly hidden, but presented by photo and film. And like many of the artist's they work in the landscape, he believes that this kind of art created attention for the problems we have with our environment today. This will be happened, because a group of people which reflect what the artist are doing, is talking about. But where is the difference to artworks worked out in the past, situated in the landscape, also full of symbolic meanings ? Yes we can say the intention of this artists in the past are different, but this is the only difference. The fact is the artistic idea took place on, or is realized with nature material. In comparison with art history this art movement today has the roots in the arts, not in Nature. And I can't see a new concept about the relation between the Nature and the human being.

The artist use a stone or other material to work out his artistic thoughts. Is the "stone" not nice enough by him self ? This question make sense only in front of the background, that many artists talk about Nature like a friend, like a person - what many people did. But Nature is only a category of energy in the universe, we are all part of it. If the artists believe on the beauty of "nature" ,why they do anything in this space ?  But under this level of consistence , I would say the art work by Nadalian based on art tradition and how he placed this work in the real landscape and the virtual internet world is what make it's so fruitful. And it is a nice surprise if I go along my beach near the house where I live and on the rock's I met the "Fish" on the rock's...before I know anything about Nadalian's art work. I enjoy with this little fish...The rock's - the see - the sky - the wind and the light are wonderful by himself and the little fish is swimming in this beauty of nature.


The earth will be exist without human beings - we created our world - a culture world - here is the home of art.

NATURE don't need help by the human beings, what a misunderstanding about nature!!! We, the human beings take care for us and for the following generations, concern how we used the resources of our earth. And how we can live in peace and freedom. This are the questions in the past and in the future.

Art comes from visions - but visions comes from questions.

Herman Prigann