Note By Sibyll  Kalff

When I first came across dr Nadalian's art, I immediately fell in love with it. and this feeling will never leave me. I love the poetic concept of transforming everyday reality into his very own artistic world full of dream state-like realized visions of shere beauty! every artwork of his is like a poem, a song, a dream come true. i love his conceptual and spontaneously improvised artworks and him realizing them worldwide allover the planet.

Where ever he is, you find (or don-t find - but maybe know about) the traces of his inner journeys and visions come to live their own life till the end of time.

I love his environmental philosophy, that wants you to see and experience nature, human life and every day life in a transcendent poesia of the moment.  His work can be seen as film stills, as musical compositions, a dance that exists only in the moment, when performed... his work can be as understood as zen buddhistic envisonments of the now - that lasts or doesn't.

Every work lives it-s own life from the moment on, it-s created - and many of them are later only visible for the human eye in a conserved form of his many documentations, while already having transformed themselves into being parts of the nature again, where they derived from. a sculpture out of sand... been blown away by the wind some hours later... a carved stone at the ground of a river ... a painted body ...

His landart is the incarnation of his environmental philossophy, that shows the beauty and vulnerability of nature and teaches respect for it and tries to perpetuate the lineage of all philosophies that try to tell human beings to treat their environment with love and caring, not with an exploiting and devastating destructive attitude.

Dr Nadalian is a multimedia artist in the most wholistic sense, he uses all materials, techniques and media that adequate his approach of "la poesia del arte environmental" to the extreme.

His works can be compared to symphonies that praise the millenium old and the new and combine all elements to a creation of shere beauty and a feast for the eyes and all other senses.

He is highly humaine and at the same time highly political in his works, but he uses the unpoken, implicit polical statements in his artworks in the most sensitive way and no paroles.

His paradise art center must be the most wonderful place for international artists to come together and work on their own and together - and for intercultural understanding on the highest level. likewise the international festivals he initiates for the sake of a planet that "makes art - not war".