Barbara Roux is an American poetess and environmental artist, who invites her audience to the wonderful world of nature and depicts the marks left by human intervention.

She has won many awards including the Excellence award in Communications and Creative Arts from the SUNY College at Old Westbury in 1998 and the Honorable Mention of New York's Islip Art Museum in 1989.

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ǘ     ییی ی یی   ј ی  :  " ی ی Ә ی ی . ی ی . ی ѐی ی Ԙ. ی . ی ی . ی ی"

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" ی یی یی ییی 捘 ی یی ѐی ی ی . ی ی ی ی ی ی یی یی ی ی یʐی . ی ی ی ی ی .

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ݘ ی یی ی ی ی ی. ی ی ǘ ی یی  ی ی ی ی ی .

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یی ی ی ی یی.  ݘ ی ی ی ی ی یی Ӂی ی یی. ݘ ی ی ͘ ی ی ی ی ی یی ی ی ی . ǐ یی ݘ ی ѐیی ǘ ی ی یی ی ی ی .


INTERVIEW with Abigail Doan

What is your impression about this festival?

I feel that this festival was important to participate in regardless of the international exposure that it gets initially. It is vitally important for Americans and Iranians to become more sensitive towards each other's cultures and environmental issues. Why not highlight the things that unite us rather than divide us? Artists must work towards building up what the media and our geo-political agendas seem dead set on destroying. I chose to participate in this festival as I respect Ahmad Nadalian as an artist and his efforts and work, first and foremost. I also admire the spirit and goodwill of his students. For me this was a chance to connect with like-minded people, regardless of locale. I also trusted them to follow out my design suggestions without my even being there. This was a rare occasion for our two cultures to become one.

What is the impact of war on environment?

Total devastation of surroundings, spirit, and outlook. It takes years to recuperate from the damage created. War also keeps us from seeing the world as a linked ecosystem, as the acquisition of prized territory becomes the end goal. War prevents us from dreaming about or realizing paradise on earth, a conversation that Dr. Nadalian and I have had in the past.

What we environmental artist can do for global peace?

Be humble, sensitive to new opportunities for collaboration, and share our visions openly. Being an environmental artist is no longer about site-specificity, for example, but rather about acting in unison and trying to interpret the fragility of a region that might be foreign to you. It is the "foreign" that needs to become "familiar" and as cherished and protected as our own backyard. neighborhood, or village. More


Dream of Peace in Persian Gulf


Peace in Persian Gulf


Flight  IR 655


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Dream of Peace in Persian Gulf: 

15th Environmental Art Festival in Iran at the Persian Gulf   (January 2008)

For the occasion of this festival, my American friend Barbara Roux sent her new poem.  I suggested printing her poem on paper and role them, put them inside of plastic bottles available on the coast and leave them in the water of the sea. 

Escape of the Flower Bird 

Many days the small bird flew,
mute from the shock of the noise
and smell of fire.
His shadow caste a dark image
of planes of war.
Weak and hungry, he eyed
a field below and a carpet
of blue flowers.
At the edge of the field
he took refuge in a wood.
Here under cover of trees
he found his place to sleep
and dream of the fragrance
of peace.

Barbara Roux 2007


INTERVIEW with Barbara Roux: 

I am so proud of what you have done to help with world peace and habitat preservation.  My few conservation friends here are proud too. Thanks to you for the Art Festival.  I am overwhelmed by what you did.  I hope not only we but our countries can be friends too.  As to your questions below I will answer them now.

1. What is your impression about this festival?

My impression of the festival at Hormoz is that a breath of fresh air and hope has been carried across a small sea and maybe can change the larger world in a positive peaceful way.  It is a community activity and a continuation of Persian history inscribing the earth and working with narrative texts.  It is also a vibrant production of art with meaning greater than object making.

2. What is the impact of war on environment?

I think you know better than I do what the impact of war is on your environment.  But any violent action seems to cause a violent reaction and negative results on an ecosystem and  the environment.

3. What we environmental artist can do for global peace?

I think you are doing what you can for global peace. I think the time has come that making self serving art objects for material gain, status and decorative use is over. And you know this better than most people.  I think by going to a greater reason for creating art that also harks back to a pre historical connection with what is sacred in the earth and all of us. If we do works with the idea of peace in our minds through engaging the earth and using concepts and media as instruments for positive change we all win.

Barbara Roux

Plastic bottles were collected by
the coast. We didn't take them to nature. We made them an art work.


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ی یی 捘
ی ی ی
ی ی یی ǁیی ی
ی ی ی ی ی ی .
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ی   ی ی ی یی ی.

ǘ 2007 

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Works by Barbara Roux