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Utne Magazine May-June 2006  USA

Ahmad Nadalian

A human who loves stones and water, Ahmad Nadalian moves like a fish transgressing international borders. 


Nadalian: River Art

An interview by John K. GRANDE

Nadalian is an Iranian sculptor whose life's work involves engendering respect for living creatures and the natural environment. To achieve this, besides living with nature himself, he established sculpture grounds in a peaceful environment in natural surroundings. Water is a living element that contributes to his sculptures, and many of the symbols he engraves and sculpts are derived from ancient mythology and the rituals of pre-Islamic civilizations. more


Nadalian in Green Museum

By carving simple fish shapes and other forms onto small stones and river rocks, artist Ahmad Nadalian seeks to repopulate the spirit of neglected streams and rivers in his native Iran and around the world and share these treasures with future generations.  more


About Ahmad Nadalian

By Professor  Robert C. Morgan


"I was so impressed with your concept, working at low tide in the early mornings to carve signs that during the day would be concealed.  It calls into question so much about time, history, language, meaning, and sculpture." More


About Ahmad Nadalian

By : Edward Lucie-Smith

In Iran, Ahmad Nadalian (b.1963) is in the process of creating an immense River Art installation along the banks and amidst the waters of the Haraz River, near Mount Damavend More

Art Tomorrow



On 14 Nov 2002   Edward Lucie-Smith in a  lecture at the British Museum  said: "works by Nadalian  being the most advanced of its kind, especially the way in which you use the internet".






The International Center for Creation and exhibition of  Art in   Nature      

Yvonne Buchheim

The project by Yvonne Buchheim is to create a song archive from different cultures. This archive consists of video recordings with non-professional singers that reflect their oral traditions. Ronnie who is working on his PhD, a documentary film project that connects Ireland, Iran and Cuba assisted Yvonne to records these songs.


Yvonne Buchheim says: my project is to create a song archive from different cultures. This archive consists of video recordings with non-professional singers that reflect their oral traditions.

I began this project 3 years ago during a residency at the ACC Gallery in Weimar, Germany. This 3 month residency was centered on the German philosopher J.G. Herder who developed theories on living culture in the 19th century through examining song traditions. From this point I have recorded songs in Germany and other European countries in order to reflect on contemporary society.

The international arts center ‘PARADISE’ in Polour allowed me an opportunity to develop the work in a non-European culture. I was interested in the oral tradition of the rural community who form a connection with the beautiful landscape of the area. I encountered a vibrant and living oral tradition distinct to previous European ones and recorded a broad range of age groups and professions. Also a remarkable level of languages and local cultures were discovered in the social make up of the area.

The residency at ‘PARADISE’ was greatly enhanced by the kind assistance of Dr. Nadalian who aided in translation and also provided many insights into the culture.

The outcome of this project will be to produce a video art piece. This work could be for display in a gallery environment or hosted on the internet. However to bring the work back to the community it emerged from would be a final realization and create a meaningful dialogue.






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