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Paradise : The International Center for Creation and exhibition of Art in Nature


Utne Magazine May-June 2006  USA

Ahmad Nadalian

A human who loves stones and water, Ahmad Nadalian moves like a fish transgressing international borders. 


Nadalian: River Art

An interview by John K. GRANDE

Nadalian is an Iranian sculptor whose life's work involves engendering respect for living creatures and the natural environment. To achieve this, besides living with nature himself, he established sculpture grounds in a peaceful environment in natural surroundings. Water is a living element that contributes to his sculptures, and many of the symbols he engraves and sculpts are derived from ancient mythology and the rituals of pre-Islamic civilizations. more


Nadalian in Green Museum

By carving simple fish shapes and other forms onto small stones and river rocks, artist Ahmad Nadalian seeks to repopulate the spirit of neglected streams and rivers in his native Iran and around the world and share these treasures with future generations.  more


About Ahmad Nadalian

By Professor  Robert C. Morgan


"I was so impressed with your concept, working at low tide in the early mornings to carve signs that during the day would be concealed.  It calls into question so much about time, history, language, meaning, and sculpture." More


About Ahmad Nadalian

By : Edward Lucie-Smith

In Iran, Ahmad Nadalian (b.1963) is in the process of creating an immense River Art installation along the banks and amidst the waters of the Haraz River, near Mount Damavend More

Art Tomorrow



On 14 Nov 2002   Edward Lucie-Smith in a  lecture at the British Museum  said: "works by Nadalian  being the most advanced of its kind, especially the way in which you use the internet".





Works by Nadalian in USA


Collaboration with Children


Works in Paris


L'Eau Partagee: Work in South of France )




The International Center for Creation and exhibition of  Art in   Nature        

Ruud Matthes

Between the 9th and the 22nd of July, he lived and performed his art in the nature of Iran.


Installation 'Feathers in Ice'

This installation was created by Ruud Matthes during his residency at the Paradise Art Center in Poloor, Iran , during the period July 9-22, 2005, with the help of the director of this center, Dr. Ahmad Nadalian, who also took the pictures.

This installation consists of feathers caught in frozen water being exposed to the heat of the sun, which melts the ice and liberates the feathers, now exposing them to the wind, which will blow them away.

Nature is the inspiration for most of the prints I make in those cases I depict what I have seen or experienced and print it on a piece of paper.

In this installation nature itself plays a basic role in the outcome of the creative process. I put the visual elements together and let nature do its work and watch it.

Change is a basic principle of nature. This installation wants to show two very simple processes of change:

-         that of ice melting and becoming water, and,

-         that of feathers changing place because of the wind.

I like art that allows different interpretation so that the viewer can find his own poetry in it. So I hesitate to give an interpretation of this work, also because I know from experience that the interpretation of my own work can change with time.




But pressed to give my opinion I would say that this installation is about the necessity for change, for leaving one's habitual position and to move and discover new places.

Watching my installation in reality, there was something added to the meaning of it. When I saw the feathers appear from the melting ice I realized that the ice could also be seen as protecting the feathers, giving them a secure position. Once the ice was gone the feathers looked vuluerable, anything could happen to them....

Ruud Matthes

Installation 'Feathers in Ice' by Ruud Matthes


Art students visited Ruud Matthes


Installation ' Ice in the river'

This installation was created by Ruud Matthes during his residency at the Paradise Art Center in Poloor, Iran, during the period July 9-22, 2005, with the help of the director of this center Dr. Ahmad Nadalian, who also took the pictures.

In this installation I put a piece of ice in the river and let it melt completely. A simple process of transformation: ice becomes water, something solid becomes liquid and starts to move, taken away by the current of the river.

What is the meaning of this installation? I find that a difficult question, because I am not sure that for me it has only one meaning. So I think it is better to say that there is more than one interpretation possible.

In this way I also allow the viewer to have his or her own interpretation (I like art that gives me this freedom).

A process of change is the essence of this installation, I think thereby of a change of identity, a change from motionlessness to motion and a change of position (from isolation to being part of).

Installation ' Ice in the river' by Ruud Matthes


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