Participant Artists in Residency and Festival 2007: 

Rolina Nell & Paul Giesen from Netherland

Raheleh Zomorodinia +   Madjid Panahi + Mahmood Maktabi + Aref Moghadam Salimi + Shahrnaz Zarkesh +
Hessam Al Din Mohammadian + Atefeh Khas +  Lila Fathi  + Tahereh Godarzi +  Naimeh Nafeli + Maryam Kavosh + Babak Khazraie +Reza Zendehdell + Taher Reza Zadeh + Hojat Amani + Karim Mirzaie + Amin Jam Tir + Zohreh Deldadeh +  Mahbobeh Lotfi +  Faezeh Salehi  +  Mahdieh Najafi + Zahra Mousawi + Sadifeh Oskoie + Hadi Ghafari + Rashid Rahnama ...

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Rolina Nell


Works in Rock Creek River- Washington DC


The image has significant meaning for Native Americans in that it is a vessel for the spirit and holiness of peoples and place.  A constant reminder also that "No one should harm or disrespect their sacred burial ground".


Red People - Kansas City Missouri


Carved Stones in New York


Carved Stones in Santa Fe (New Mexico)


Holiness of Image Hidden Treasure in  Santa Fe (New Mexico)


Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in UK


About Ahmad Nadalian

By Professor  Robert C. Morgan


"I was so impressed with your concept, working at low tide in the early mornings to carve signs that during the day would be concealed.  It calls into question so much about time, history, language, meaning, and sculpture." More


Nadalian: River Art

An interview by John K. GRANDE

Nadalian is an Iranian sculptor whose life's work involves engendering respect for living creatures and the natural environment. To achieve this, besides living with nature himself, he established sculpture grounds in a peaceful environment in natural surroundings. Water is a living element that contributes to his sculptures, and many of the symbols he engraves and sculpts are derived from ancient mythology and the rituals of pre-Islamic civilizations. more


Nadalian in Green Museum

By carving simple fish shapes and other forms onto small stones and river rocks, artist Ahmad Nadalian seeks to repopulate the spirit of neglected streams and rivers in his native Iran and around the world and share these treasures with future generations.  more


About Ahmad Nadalian

By : Edward Lucie-Smith

In Iran, Ahmad Nadalian (b.1963) is in the process of creating an immense River Art installation along the banks and amidst the waters of the Haraz River, near Mount Damavend More

Art Tomorrow



On 14 Nov 2002   Edward Lucie-Smith in a  lecture at the British Museum  said: "works by Nadalian  being the most advanced of its kind, especially the way in which you use the internet".


Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in UK


Works in Rock Creek River- Washington DC


Red People - Kansas City Missouri


Carved Stones in New York



Music of Bells

Report: The Seventh Festival of Environmental Art

Photos by Raheleh Zomorodinia & Ahmad Nadalian

During the first week of summer 2007 we extended our environmental festival in nature. Young artists from different parts of Iran traveled to Polour to participate and be involved in the center;s environmental art projects. We believe that these young artists have long lives ahead and can perhaps save this world more effectively then their elders.

These participating artists began with a collaborative project incorporating flowers petals and stones arranged in nature installations. The presence of local sheep and dogs in our workspace was quite funny and reminded us of how contemporary art can sometimes exist far from the city and typical cultural places. 

Some of the young artists were also inspired by the ornament and handicrafts of the nomads tents and consequently prepared a colorful installation in nature.

Other artists created mud by the river and made a collection of statues and relief works. The character of these works recalled primitive art and to some extent Sumerian or South American art works.

Polluted Paradise was a video work shown by Ahmad Nadalian.   This piece shows the artist himself walking in nature. He witnesses first-hand how we pollute our surrounding paradise.  At the end of this video the artist sees a lone cypress tree (thought of by Persians to be a tree of paradise) burning in the middle of the garbage. More Images

There were many artists who developed their own unique works, however most of the pieces were collaborative projects. This years festival was rich in performance, music and various entertainments.  The artists used ordinary, every day objects to make audio art.  At the market the worker classes involved music and singing. It was truly wonderful that they shared their happiness with local and ordinary people.   Artists, Music, Performance & Entertainment














Artists, Music, Performance & Entertainment