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Works in Rock Creek River- Washington DC


The image has significant meaning for Native Americans in that it is a vessel for the spirit and holiness of peoples and place.  A constant reminder also that "No one should harm or disrespect their sacred burial ground".


Red People - Kansas City Missouri


Carved Stones in New York


Carved Stones in Santa Fe (New Mexico)


Holiness of Image Hidden Treasure in  Santa Fe (New Mexico)

These projects were made possible due to the support and encouragments of numerous individuals and organizations during the tour of United States.  Thanks to : Nancy Matthews, Jennifer Johnston, Serge Bluds, Meg Clifford, Larry Moody,  Shahnaz Masumi, Erda Waziri, Nina Habibi, Lawrence Kolp,  Leanne Mella,  Nan Bell,  Carol Grabauskas,  Dan Schuman, Charles Spencer,  Wilhelmina Holladay, Robert C. Morgan, Abigail Doan,  Eric Van Hove,   Helen Varola ,  Adam and Noori Jones , Susan Suss, Fran HardyBob Demboski,  Amber Flores Jordan and many other individual whose names missed.


Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in UK


Prehistoric Fish Found in Central Park

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Abigail Doan

A week or so ago my Iranian artist friend, Dr. Ahmad Nadalian, visited New York City and several other US cities on an official invite for a sponsored exhibition that he was having in Washington, D.C. I met him on a bright, sunny morning in the northern woods of Central Park where he was carving several of his 'prehistoric' river art fishes. Dr. Nadalian has a long tradition of submerging his carved rocks in rivers and bodies of water where they might forever add to the spirit and environmental protection of the place. The artist also views the fish symbol as being emblematic of the human soul.

Amazingly, before tossing one of his carved rocks into a pool below a rushing waterfall, a local turtle made an appearance adjacent to the rock that was soon to be submerged. A sign perhaps that the native species of an urban park approve of this new addition to their habitat?

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Polluted Paradise

The seventh festival of environmental art

Polluted Paradise was a video work shown by Ahmad Nadalian.   This piece shows the artist himself walking in nature. He witnesses first-hand how we pollute our surrounding paradise.  At the end of this video the artist sees a lone cypress tree (thought of by Persians to be a tree of paradise) burning in the middle of the garbage.