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A Journey to South Korea with the Bicycle of Peace


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The immortal mountain and pure water :  A Journey to China


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Polluted Paradise: The 28th Environmental Art Festival - Paradise Garden - Polour- Iran


Salt Sculptures: Collaboration of animals to realize art



Tempered People : Iron- Sculptures by Ahmad Nadalian




Painted Earth Goddesses: Some Thousands Years Continuation of Tradition


The 27th Environmental Art Festival  -  Kotena,  Ghaemshahr - Mazandaran - North of Iran



The 26th Environmental Art Festival  -  Nishabour- Kalateh Shaykh Hassan



Artist/Naturalist- Ahmad Nadalian
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Meetings of Environmental Artists in Sangsar Gallery & Residental Art Center  

Sangsar gallery linked to Paradise aims to provide a platform where environmental artists can collaborate, develop ideas and gain shared insights and a different approach to making art.  Here in Paradise we have prepared workshops and short course for different groups of younger generation of environmental artists. Through discussion on examples of works by environmental artists they inspire and learn to develop their own works in nature.  This center is interested in working with people, organizations, museums, and galleries around the globe and developing artistic experiences and cultural exchange.  


Iranian Environmental Artists in Sangsar Gallery