Playing With Water:  Journeys Across Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Turkey



A Journeys to Austria



Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in Turkey


The immortal mountain and pure water :  A Journey to China


Art works in China



Journey across South Africa: The Sprit of Rocks and Water



Works in USA



New works by Nadalian in “Verdearte” 2006:  Italy



Works In Italy



Works in China


Red People - Kansas City Missouri


Carved Stones in New York


Carved Stones in Santa Fe (New Mexico)


Holiness of Image Hidden Treasure in  Santa Fe (New Mexico)


Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in UK


Environmental Works by  Ahmad Nadalian in Turkey


Works in Iran



Works  in Spain



Works In Germany


A Journey to Serbia


Travel to France : Exhibition & Works by Nadalian in Ramatuelle- Golfe de Saint Tropez in France  (From Escalet to Pampelonne)



Works in Tajikistan


Works in Bangladesh



Works by Nadalian in Uzbekistan



Paradise & Hell :18th Environmental Art Festival



The Guests of Desert: 22nd Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Isfahan- Talab Gawkhoni: (April 2009)



Dialogue with Nature: 21st Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Persian Gulf- Genaveh: (March 2009)



Fire: 23ed Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Paradise Environmental Art Center



Works by Ahmad Nadalian in Darabad - North Tehran



In the Search of Lost Paradise



Environmental Art Festivals


Bicycle Art & Recycle Art



Mythological Bird: 20th Environmental Art Festival in Iran - Persian Gulf- Hormoz :  (February 2009)  


Archetypal story: Earth painting


 A gift of Persian Gulf from me to people and from people to tourists



Red earth surrounded my soul


Transformation of ugliness to beauty




Several Journeys to Slovakia

Ahmad Nadalian


During my stay in the north Hungary, I had several journey to Slovakia.


Traveling to Slovakia was the cheapest trip in my life

I was by myself on my first journey



The first view I saw was a bird and huge factory.


I offered my common gift to the small river






Once with a group of artists, we walk through the forest and passed the border of Slovakia

John K. Grande was also with us



Kopacz Kund who was an art student was also with us


In the border of Slovakia I had a good conversation with Johan K. Grande

We talk about environmental art


In the border of Slovakia I carved this snake


I saw a leaf that was stuck to the rock.


That inspired me to carve some leaves on the rock







In another journey we were with István Eross

He showed us a city on Eastern Slovakia

We got to know the culture on another trip to Slovakia




In another  journey, the art critic and writer John K. Grande and Pokorny Attila accompanies me





We visited a valley named Zádiel






There I left one of my fish



We also visited this lake