Nadalian @ Dialogues in Diversity  

By John K. Grande


Print on Sand in the Coast of Persian Gulf Works By Ahmad Nadalian


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New works by Nadalian in Verdearte 2006:  Italy


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Freed Fish




Video Installation


In June 2003, when Nadalian presented his RiverArt project (Video Installation)  in the 50 biennale of Venice

Click here and download  film of  "video Installation"   /Media Player 7and Higher  (1.929 KB)

In his video installation, Nadalian will, through his fantasy, recreate a lost heaven; the images of fish carved on the stones of a river that no longer has any fish. To him, fish is the symbol of man's struggle for survival and his wandering soul in search of happiness. The fish has now turned into a fossil seeking to become eternal. The paradox in this work is that this heaven is personal and a fantasy. This lost heaven has been devastated by today's technology.

Nadalian is aided by modern technology and through creating a virtual river on the internet, he attempts to keep alive the memory of the lost heaven.